Multiple Media Services to Suit Your Needs


“Don’t count the people that you reach, reach the people who count”
David Ogilvy

What we Do

  • We utilise our news gathering skills to operate ‘virtual newsrooms’ for our clients where we research, write and distribute key content on their initiatives, projects, progress and thought leadership in terms of what they think of key industry trends and developments.
  • We form strong relationships with key members of the media. We’ve worked on the other side of the desk so we know the pressures they face and what’s worth their time and what’s not.
  • We create a story that is so compelling, that members of the media want to publish it thereby garnering our clients ‘earned’ media coverage.
  • We draw on the expertise of a network of seasoned professionals to support our services when necessary.
  • We insist on measurable ROI for clients via paid for media monitoring and detailed monthly reports

“A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad”
Richard Branson

Our Services

Content Generation

Press Releases – Carefully researched and written in the style of a news article with strong angles and up-to-date, exclusive information that the reader would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Advertorials – Copy that a client has paid to have placed within a publication, website etc. This allows for slightly more in-depth information and publication is guaranteed and based on client approval.

Electronic Newsletters/E-zines – A dynamic, instant medium that allows for short sharp copy, that’s easy and entertaining to read. Cheaper to produce than their more ‘pricey, print cousins’, given the lower costs of e-mail distribution.

Website Content – Solid experience across a variety of business profiles

Social Media Content – Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn

Copywriting – Online, Print & Radio

Speechwriting, editing and proofing of documents

Media Liaison

Channelling of content to key media outlets

Development of relationships with the media

Compilation and Updating of Key Media Databases


Media Coverage & ROI

In-Depth Reporting & Analysis




Content Marketing

Creation of exclusive client-owned content

Distribution via ‘owned’ channels e.g. company website, YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn


Social Media

Content Creation

Channel Management

Analysis & Reporting


Communication Strategy & Planning




Internal Marketing

Website & eNewsletter – Compilation & Design.

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